Scot Louie Speaks on the Pioneers of Hip Hop Fashion, Improving Inclusivity Within the Fashion Industry, Styling Your Favorite Celebs and More

I’m sure you’ve all heard the term “Never meet your heroes”, well contrary to popular belief, I met mine (digitally) and I admire his work even more! Favoring bold animal prints, a good thigh-high split or the occasional fringed gown, his end looks are always setting the bar. Killing red carpets and keeping your faves like Kehlani and Ryan Destiny on point during fashion week, meet the man behind the outfits of your favorite celebrities, Scot Louie.

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1. How did your journey begin in the fashion industry? What was your “Ah Ha!” moment?

I started my career very young 15 to be exact and by 17 I was Lil’ Kim’s key stylist. However, my “Ah Ha!” moment came a little later in life, in 2015, when I parted ways with my last client at the time. I did a full re-brand where I felt like I was doing me authentically. By the end of 2017, I had 5 new clients on my roster, including Ryan Destiny.

2. Who are some of your biggest influences?

The pioneers of hip-hop fashion; (Lil Kim, Misa Hylton, June Ambrose, and Marni) Rihanna in addition! She’s always so unexpected and well rounded. She never misses a beat.


3. Life as a stylist means never having a set schedule, especially during peak times like award season. How do you stay organized throughout the day?

As a Capricorn organization is one of my strong suits and anyone on my team has to be very organized. I hate clutter and have a very photographic memory, so I always use that to my benefit. I also love Google Calendar, it’s my weakness, I schedule my nail appointments and haircuts in between my fittings and pulls.

4. You’ve worked with amazing clients such as Ryan Destiny, Iskra, Rainy Milo, Normani, Kehlani, and many more. How do you find a happy medium between your vision for the client and if they hypothetically aren’t really feeling the look?

With my clients, it’s always different, but the one thing they all have in common is that they’re very different from the next. We approach every look as a collaboration, I know my clients very well so there are rarely surprises. It’s important to know who your client is and what they want. I find out from my clients “What’s the narrative? Who is *insert client name*”



5. What do you look for in an assistant?

Someone with drive and knowledge always grabs my attention. Someone who is well rounded and familiar with the industry. This is a fast-paced game and as a Capricorn my patience is very thin.

6. Which designers do you feel are your greatest allies?

I try never to rely on one designer as they’re all often unpredictable and tend to switch their tunes as often as their collections. I approach working with designers solely based on their latest collections.

7. We wanna know! What’s in your styling kit?

I swear by Commando underpinnings, they’re seamless and perfect. Their control top thong is the best thing invented. I love Topstick and actual lace wig tape. Also Nippies, they make the perfect silicone nipple covers and NuBra is perfect for stick on bras that actually work!

8. Can you tell us about your own personal style?

My personal style is very standard. I consider my style “elevated New York street”. I’m a sucker for a turtleneck, but I’m always in a Yankees or solid black baseball cap.

9. Can you give us your best fashion advice?

Have a point of reference. Nothing is new under the sun. So stay educated and inspired, that allows you to always be on top of your game.

10. We’re going to do a short game of Hot or Not, just to get your opinion on a few things:


• Michelle Obama in head to toe Balenciaga? HOT


• Gucci Embellished Flashtrek Sneakers LUKEWARM … COLD


• Meghan Markle’s boatneck bridal gown by Givenchy? HOT


• Yoon Ahn X Dior Men’s Jewelry? ON FIRE … HOT

11. 2018 was the year of brands making huge efforts to be more inclusive. Some hit the mark and others were…. way off, missing the target completely. How do you think the fashion industry can improve on inclusivity?

In my eyes, designers are making efforts to be inclusive and I hope this becomes a way of life and not just another trend. To improve on inclusivity the most important thing is for designers to be cognizant of body types, as well as the ever-changing political and social climate. I work with a model who is a dress size 10/12 and it’s often an uphill battle, showrooms and PR offices still don’t stock larger size samples. It’s just time to be more aware.


12. What can we expect from you in 2019? 

2019 is going to be a bigger year for me than ever before. I’m working with a new team and I’m very hopeful for expansion within my roster of clients and overall growth and visibility. There’s a few things that are currently top secret of course 😏.

13. When it’s all said and done, what legacy do you want to leave behind?

At the very end of all of this I want people to remember me as someone who may have been opinionated, yet effective. I want my work to be referenced for years after I’m gone. Someone who aspired to inspire.

Want more? Head over to to view his stellar portfolio. Stay in loop with Scot on Instagram, @scotlouie and watch as he takes over fashion with his hashtag #fashionNEEDSme.

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